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Welcome to the Allergy-Free Kitchen!

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This website is part of a family adventure in improving the lives of our family members while helping others with similar health concerns.

In late 2009, my husband was diagnosed with multiple food allergies to common ingredients found in food. Ingredients such as wheat/gluten, dairy, yeast, corn, soy, peanuts, most red meat and more. After a brief period of total shock and bewilderment as to what he would eat, we adapted some recipes for my husband, but he ate "special" meals while we ate "regular food". We also created a "special" food shelf just for him.

Shortly afterward, my 7 year old daugther was diagnosed with many of the same food allergies and I was surprised to find that I shared some of them too. This made us determined to stop the "special food" silliness, and eat together as a family.

Together, our family took on the challenge of re-developing family favourites and creating new favourites that we could all eat together as a family, and were so delicious we were proud to serve to company too!

If you share some of these same food sensitivities, or are cooking for friends or family that do, I invite you to look around our website and try out some recipes (from the blog). If you enjoy them, we have collected over 85 of them into a cookbook which is available for purchase (click on the book for more information).

We also invite you to ask questions, leave comments and stay tuned to this website for some of our future projects which we hope will include: